24 Barratt Road, Factoria, Krugersdorp


At Dezign A Door we embrace originality, by offering bespoke installations that are not limited by the length and shape of a ruler, but include our exclusive offerings such as integrated handles, curved designs and many other unique elementsĀ  custom built with uncompromised quality and precision.

Integrated Handles

Constructed with one piece, integrated handle kitchens have anĀ integrated handgrip design, eliminating the additional cost of adding hardware furniture. The streamlined design creates a simple and contemporary finish which keeps a kitchen looking tidy and easy to clean.

Curved Cabinetry

We have mastered the art of The Curve, with over 20 years of experience in producing and perfecting curved cabinetry. Unfortunately, curves can be more expensive than standard units due to the extra craftsmanship involved.

CNC Routed Doors

The “CNC Door Lite Router” uses the latest in computer technology to give the operator complete control to precisely machine residential wood, residential steel, fiberglass, commercial wood & commercial steel doors. This machine will prep the door for all size and type lites, locks, deadbolts, and peep sites.