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Dezign A Door Bets on Beautiful Bathrooms in 2019

Trend Forecast:

We have done our homework and these are the predictions and bets we have placed on what will be trendy and dominate homes in the year ahead. More than just a functional space, bathrooms are also reserved for relaxation so it’s important to achieve a good balance of form and function – combining aesthetics and elegance with functionality. We believe, like any other part of the home, bathrooms are sensitive to fashion and design trends but the innovations and changes in this room are more carefully considered, because changing up this space can be expensive; particularly if you’re making more than just cosmetic changes and embarking on a big renovation.

While we recognise personal preferences and budget will ultimately influence the bathroom updates made in 2019, there are some trends that are worth considering that don’t always require a total overhaul.

While not exhaustive, these are the bathroom trends our Dezign A Door design team has identified. They’ll provide a fountain of inspiration and best of all, they’re easy to adopt without having to undertake a major bathroom renovation:

Black is Back

The black and industrial feel bathroom is becoming a popular choice for designers and it’s believed it will become a hot trend in 2019. This includes using metallic finishes like copper, gold, silver and chrome combined with a satin black finish. This darker bathroom is classy but it can make a small area feel even smaller. When incorporating this idea in a confined space – use dark shades sparingly and contrast with lighter and brighter colours.

50 Shades of Grey?

When it comes to colours, grey and ash charcoal bathrooms are expected to blow up in 2019. Grey is a versatile colour and it can be used on walls, vanity units, and it can be teamed up with almost any colour and any fittings.  When it comes to fixtures that work well with light greys – introduce darker shades like charcoal, and black. The other colour that’s bold and beautiful and being used more and more is forest green – a shade that pairs well with soft greys.

Size Does Count

Cabinetry and vanities are getting thinner and smaller – perhaps a move that’s aligned with the fact that homes are smaller and space is at a premium.  Wall hung vanities in a variety of styles and finishes create a feeling of openness and it’s expected that more of these will dominate the bathroom scene in the year ahead. Using natural wood for this space has its merits and when combined with exposed hardware especially funky copper pipes – it can add panache to this space.

Finish Strong

The use of different materials, especially a combination of solid wood/timber veneers, marble and matt metal in the bathroom creates a visual feast and a sensory experience that enriches the overall finish of the bathroom.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Make a statement with your wall mirror and let it become a focal point in the room – shapely or round hanging mirrors are definitely gaining in popularity and when big enough they can make a small space appear bigger.

Bath and Beautiful

More than just a functional addition – baths or more specifically freestanding tubs – are back in vogue – in different styles and colours.  It adds to the overall aesthetics of this room and space permitting it becomes the centerpiece of the bathroom.

Smart Tiles

Like in the kitchen, using patterned tiles is a trend that’s becoming more prevalent. If not on the walls around the vanity, then on the floors – paired with neutral wall tiles or a painted wall. 3-D tiles give depth to walls and bounce the light around better than flat tiles and this tile trend will increase as homes get smaller and the requirement for more light and contrasts grows. Using large tiles also gives the illusion of size so it’s smart to consider this if your bathroom is small.

Dress it Up

More than just a “wet” space – style your bathroom by accessorizing it as you would any other room in the house. A beautiful mirror tray for perfume, hanging a unique piece of art for a luxe feel, and introducing plants will all change the tone of the bathroom.

Whatever your style – whether you’re after a trend setting finish or something more classic and conservative – if you’re planning to refresh your bathroom, make sure you get three quotes and work with a designer to help maximise your spend. For further advice on the hottest new bathroom trends – follow us on or give us a call today on 011-664-7780.

Don’t allow the practicalities of the room to limit your creative thinking and prevent you from being adventurous with your design.