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07 Apr: Bar Necessities

Designing a breathtaking bar requires more than swizzle sticks, mood music and a menu of tasty cocktails and mocktails. We believe it takes talent to design a beautiful home bar that you can raise a glass to!

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19 Aug: Kitchen Hardware Advice 101

Handles are like jewelry for your cabinets so they should speak to your style – be that contemporary, modern, vintage or traditional. They have a significant impact on the finish of a kitchen cupboard or drawer and they have the potential to change the entire look and feel of the room.


26 Feb: Dezign A Door Bets on Beautiful Bathrooms in 2019

We have done our homework and these are the predictions and bets we have placed on what will be trendy and dominate homes in the year ahead. More than just a functional space, bathrooms are also reserved for relaxation so it’s important to achieve a good balance of form and function – combining aesthetics and elegance with functionality. We believe, like any other part of the home, bathrooms are sensitive to fashion and design trends but the innovations and changes in this room are more carefully considered.

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31 Aug: Need Advice For A DIY Door Makeover?

Kitchens are the heart of a home but more than that they are a commodity – they add value to a home and as a rule – they come with a big price tag! This is not a room in the house that you can keep changing as trends come and go – annual impulse updates are just not affordable. That said – if you plan and budget before embarking on a kitchen makeover – you can make sure you get the best value for money without cutting corners and quality.